Luke's Climate Story


Luke's Climate Story




Savannah, GA

How are you sensing climate change?

Where I live now, where scarves and winter coats are necessities and students get snow days, folks in coastal Georgia need sweat-resistant sunblock and increasingly, students get 'hurricane days' in the form of area evacuations and school and business closures. My first years in college in Savannah were marked by occasional periods where we were forced to leave dorms and 'encouraged' to leave apartments temporarily. Coming back into town, you'd see the famous Spanish Moss that normally hangs from the trees strewn across streets like so much litter.

I feel so many ways about it--from disbelief at the 'hurricane partiers' to revulsion at the seemingly-exclusive presence of the National Guard outside of the high-end businesses, where they serve to protect capital rather than safeguard the lives and livelihoods of the poor in the city who can't leave when an evacuation is called, to an encroaching dread that this city that I grew to love might be halfway underwater in my lifetime.



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