Andrew's Climate Story


Andrew's Climate Story


Andrew Lewis


Pennsville, NJ 08070

How are you sensing climate change?

Lengthening summers have caused a prolonged and intensified experience of seasonal affective disorder (seasonal depression). In New Jersey, we experience four distinct seasons. Now, it feels like spring and fall have been consumed by summertime, and with the inescapable heat comes despair.

The beginning of summer always reminds me of traumatic moments in my life. Seasonal affective disorder makes me feel lonely, isolated, dejected, rejected, deflated, and hopeless. As the summers have begun to creep further into the calendar year, I find myself desperately clawing for the relief of cool air that signaled the end of summer and the start of a new school year during which I could reinvent myself and reconfigure my life. Now that those lines are blurred due to climate change’s impact on New Jersey’s seasons, I am unable to escape those feelings for even longer stretches of time, which feels increasingly dangerous for me. Living through these changes feels like abuse from the world itself.



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