Declan's Climate Story


Declan's Climate Story


Declan Cambey


The Piedmont of North Carolina, 27278

How are you sensing climate change?

Growing up in the forest of the North Carolina Piedmont, I spent all my summer days outside with my brother and sister, exploring and creating our own little worlds in nature. Now, more recently, on some summer days it's so hot that I can barely take my dog on a walk. And we live in an old house with large windows, so that heat often seeps inside. These past few years, we couldn't afford to turn up the AC . What resulted was a warm lazy feeling found throughout the old house. Those were the dog days, and all I wanted to do was sit around and watch TV or look out the window at trees swaying in the hot breeze.

When reflecting on these experiences, I realize how much my day-to-day life has changed over time. I spend less and less time in nature, due to my natural environment becoming more hostile as I am growing up. I feel immensely saddened by this, but also happy when remembering the simple times of joy I had in Nature. Sharing and reflecting on this story makes me want to get out into Nature, and work towards it's preservation.



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