Aditi's Climate Story


Aditi's Climate Story


Aditi Singh


New Delhi, India (Zip Code - 110070)

How are you sensing climate change?

It was my sixth winter in New Delhi and I walked out of my house to go to school at 7 am. There was a fog that was blocking my vision. I couldn't see beyond 5 meters. Soon, I realized that it wasn't fog, but rather smog. It was hard to breathe every morning for the next month until that winter passed and every winter after that. Many of my friends became asthmatic and started using inhalers soon after and my school had to get air purifiers in every classroom.

These changes made me angry and thinking about it now, I have a pit in my stomach. It made me sad to see that the place I called home had become the most polluted city in the world. I hated to see my friends have a tough time every winter. I felt helpless.



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