Echo's Climate Story


Echo's Climate Story




Washington, New Jersey

How are you sensing climate change?

My climate story takes place where I live in Washington, New Jersey. I remember when we were be able to go sledding. I remember when we got 5 feet of snow. Last year, we got 1 inch. That was it... I miss the snow. I love snow. I love cold. I had such a wonderful childhood. I'm afraid my children will not be able to experience that. I have sensed climate change as a young girl who is concerned about her future. I see the summers getting hotter. I feel winters getting warmer. I smell smoke in the air. Why are we doing nothing to stop it? This makes me concerned. I am concerned for my future. What will become of the world? What will become of life? Winter, summer, ecosystems. What will happen to them? I know I am young but my voice will be heard. What will happen to children yet to be born?





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