Madi's Climate Story


Madi's Climate Story




Simsbury, Connecticut

How are you sensing climate change?

I remember back in 2011, the Connecticut Halloween nor'easter hit Simsbury really hard. I was playing in a soccer tournament in what felt like a blizzard, and every time I kicked the ball a mushy mess of grass and snow flew off from the bottom of my cleat. Halloween was cancelled that year, and we lost power for days. I was devastated and also shocked because I had never experienced such a powerful and destructive storm, especially that early in the year. It makes me sad to think that such extreme storms, hurricanes, fires etc. have had to destroy people's homes, towns, and cities for climate change to spark people's interest. It seems like a lot of people won't acknowledge that climate change is affecting everyone around the globe unless they see something horrible like the wildfires raging across the West right now. I'm also terrified because I know that my generation and those to come are going to be affected by climate change, and it's overwhelming to think about everything we have to think about to make a change.



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