Matt's Story


Matt's Story


Matt Picone


Northwestern New Jersey

How are you sensing climate change?

Something that I've seen firsthand is that milder winters and earlier spring warmth have allowed tick populations to surge. The greater number of ticks is going to give their population greater mobility, and I'm worried about tick populations pushing into Canada. I remember when we used to say that snow was bad for the tick population because it would protect them from the snow, and a year with a lot of snow was a year with a lot of ticks. In the absence of snow, the cold winters would kill them But now, we have no snow and warm weather, and aside from guinea fowl and opossums, I don't know anybody who could possibly be happy about this. To be even more specific, ticks, which used to be a problem of the spring,are now a problem in January and February. We've found them on the dogs, we've found them on the cats, and we've found them on ourselves.



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